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DTPHX is an active place. We have the stats to prove it.

Development & Business Research

With its constant sunshine, sports complexes and shopping, it’s no wonder Downtown Phoenix business is booming. New and established companies alike flock here to truly be at the center of it all. With more than $4 billion newly invested in office space, retail, restaurants, educational facilities, convention space and hotel rooms — this is a new era of growth in our urban center.

Today’s Downtown Phoenix is a center for employment, education, professional sports, living, arts and culture. The dramatic changes over the past five years provided a surge in momentum and even more development. In addition to large-scale projects such as the Phoenix Convention Center expansion, Valley Metro Light Rail and the Phoenix Biomedical Campus serving as major activity centers, there is a real grassroots effort by residents and employees to create a true downtown community.

This change is being driven by neighborhood residents, chefs and restaurateurs, researchers from the Biomedical Campus, students from Arizona State University and the University of Arizona Medical School, and the thousands of people who live, work and play downtown. Home to numerous major employers, Downtown Phoenix boasts the highest concentration of employment in the state. Come see why so many businesses choose to call downtown home.


Area Employee Profile – Renaissance Square
An analysis of the employees in the area surrounding Renaissance Square located at 40 N. Central Avenue.

Area Profile – Arizona Center
An analysis of the employees and residents in the area surrounding the Arizona Center at 455 N. 5th Street.

Demographics – Consumer Spending Report
Provides estimated annual consumer spending for detailed categories. Updated January 2016

Demographics – Daytime Employment Report
Report that displays number of Downtown Phoenix businesses, number of employees and employees per business. Updated January 2016.

Demographics – Full Detail Report
Displays the demographic makeup for 1, 2 & 3 mile radii. Updated January 2016.

Demographics – Summary Report
Key Demographic Summary for 1, 2 & 3 mile radii. Updated January 2016.

Demographics – Traffic Count Report
Displays traffic volume and maps within a 1 mile radius. Updated January 2016.

Demographics – Trends Report
Shows demographic predictions for the Downtown area. Updated January 2016.

Downtown Phoenix Aerial Map
Fold-out Aerial view of Downtown Phoenix. For a high resolution version please contact the Downtown Phoenix Partnership.

Downtown Phoenix Development Activity Report
Summary of Downtown Phoenix development activity, including the surrounding areas with project photos and descriptions. Updated January 2016.

Downtown Phoenix Fact Sheet
Two page summary of downtown facts and statistics. Updated January 2016.

Downtown Phoenix METRO Light Rail Activity
A report highlighting the total boardings for the eight METRO Light Rail stations in and around Downtown Phoenix. Updated January 2016.

Downtown Phoenix Parking Study
This report summarizes findings regarding the parking supply and demand and parking policy considerations for the Enhanced Municipal Services District of Downtown Phoenix.

Downtown Phoenix Pedestrian Counts
The Downtown Phoenix Partnership tracks pedestrian totals at various intersections throughout Downtown. Counts are done at 30 minute intervals between the times of 11:30 am and 1:30 pm. Reported totals are the averages of at least three counts per location. Updated November 2015.

Downtown Phoenix PowerPoint Overview
This presentation highlights some of the growth and current projects of Downtown Phoenix. Updated November 2015.

Downtown Phoenix: A Strategic Blueprint for the Future
The Downtown Strategic Vision & Blueprint for the Future is a guide for the future of Phoenix’s downtown, containing over 40 strategic recommendations and ten priority areas of focus. The Plan will serve as a framework for the City to pursue the comprehensive revitalization of the downtown.

Employee Data: Employee Home Destination – RDA
A report showing the home destination of employees in the Downtown Redevelopment Area. Based on 2010 Bureau of Labor statistics. Updated January 2015.

Employee Data: Work Area Profile – EMSD
A detailed report showing data on employees who work within the Downtown Business Core. (Fillmore on the North, 7th Street to the East, 3rd Avenue to the West and Buchanan to the South)

Employee Data: Work Area Profile – RDA
A breakdown of Labor Department statistics for employees who work in the Redevelopment Area.

Phoenix Biomedical Campus Comprehensive Development Plan
A presentation that highlights the development components of the Biomedical Campus that includes T-Gen/International Genomics Consortium Headquarters, a medical school made possible by a partnership between the University of Arizona and Arizona State University as well as other research functions.

Smith Travel Report- October 2015
A report highlighting hospitality data inside the redevelopment area up to October 2015.

U of A College of Medicine – Phoenix Economic Impact Study
An analysis of the potential economic benefits of the University of Arizona Medical School-Phoenix Campus.


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